Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dr.Scott Heuchelin Research Pathologist from DesMoine Iowa recently toured and evaluated several GIB EAR MOULD SCREENING TRIALS set up across Southwestern Ontario.Scott conducts GIB EAR MOULD screening and research evaluation work for Pioneer in not only Canada and the U.S. but also in Mexico,France and Hawaii.In the above photo he can be seen discussing the pathway of gib infection with Pioneer Sales Rep Neil Rose from Erie Beach, Ontario
Dr.Heuchelins expertise on understanding hybrid differences in GIB EAR MOULD TOLERANCE is readily sought after by Pioneer Sales Reps across Ontario.In the above photo Scott is sharing his knowledge with Pioneer Sales Reps Janice Anderson and Neil Rose.

Pioneer Product Managers gain invaluable knowledge from Scott on hybrid tolerance differences to GIBBERELLA EAR ROT INFECTION.Above Dr Heuchelin discusses a hybrids tolerance level with Pioneer Product Manager Gustavo Gonalez-Roelants.

Pioneer sales rep Pat Unger from Alymer Ontario is shown above in his GIB EAR MOULD EVALUATION PLOT discussing his concerns with this years slow crop development. Research Pathologist Scott Heuchelin recently stopped by Pats farm to conduct plant tolerance evaluations.
Dr.Scott Heuchelin can be seen above sharing his research findings with Pioneer sales rep Mark Sloot from Marks' GIB EAR MOULD TRIAL planted just south of Boston, Ontario.

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