Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The critical weed free period for soybeans is the 1st to 3rd trifoliate leaf stage.When weeds are allowed to compete for light, moisture and nutrients during this critical stage of growth yield opportunity is lost.
The soybeans in all these photos are between the 2nd and 4th trifoliate leaf stage.

Though its been a difficult year to get spraying done timely it still remains one area of grower mismanagement that needs greater attention.The lack of proper weed control timing is costing growers dearly.

This last photo shows a competitive canopy of weeds competing with the soybean crop.In this case the grower has finally gotten on top of the situation as this field has just been sprayed.Whats troublesome with all these shots is the fact that growers in every one of these situations is losing yield.With the high cost of inputs and
lower commodity prices this is one area of management that needs to be brought to grower attention.

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