Saturday, July 4, 2009

To grasp a better understanding of the value of Cruiser seed treatment this grower near Simcoe Ontario decided to plant a 70 acre field to alternating strips of CruiserMaxx and Apron Max soybeans.
What he discovered was nearly staggering.The strips planted to ApronMax only were decimated from insect damage, particularly wireworm.
The strips of ApronMaxx shown in the photo above had to be replanted.The CruiserMaxx strips
shown above did not.

This is a shot showing the final stand of CruiserMaxx soybeans.

This is a shot showing the final stand of the ApronMax soybeans.Obviously they needed to be replanted.

The above photo shows the CruiserMaxx soybeans to the left , the newly emerging replanted soybeans in the middle and the few ApronMax soybeans remaining from their initial planting to the right.Our long term Side x Side yield advantage for Cruiser seed treatment is over 2.0 bu /acre. It is a sound investment for soybean growers.

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