Sunday, May 23, 2010

Growers across SW Ontario have been expressing concern over their corns recovery from Mays early freeze.They are finding a number of plants that are having a difficult time of unfurling their leaves and expressing a hooked candycane apperance much like that shown in the above photo.I have had to reassure many a grower that they have NO REASON to worry.Their crops are still actively growing and getting bigger day by day.Plants that express this shepherds hook will eventually break free with Little to NO YIELD LOSS expected.
Just to give you an idea of the type of recovery that you can expect I purposely untangled the corn leaves of the two plants shown in the first photo above and I then took a picture of them untangled.
I think you'll agree that you have a much different perspective of how you'd expect the two plants in the photo above to perform as compared to the two plants in the first photo above.Fact is they are the same two plants.I just speeded up what the recovery will look like by untangling their leaves.HANG IN THERE - THIS YEARS EARLY PLANTED CORN CROP HAS A LOT OF YIELD POTENTIAL BEHIND IT !

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