Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Many growers have been questioning the viability of their plant stands.To help get a better handle on this a number of poor looking plants, shown above, were placed in a Pioneer growth chamber today to determine their recovery potential.Results should be known within 48 hrs.
The above set of healthier looking corn plants, taken from the same field as the first photo of poor looking plants, were also placed into a Pioneer growth chamber today.We will keep you posted on the results of these comparisons.
So much of the crops potential for recovery now lies in the balance of how much sun and heat we can expect to receive over the next 72 hours.Detrimental soil fungal pathogen activity is favoured by cool wet soil conditions whereas a return to favourable plant growth will be a function of the amount of sun and heat we receive.Even the couple of hours of sunshine received this evening has had its benefits in reinitiating some new plant growth as shown by the new green tissue at the base of the above plant.
The above photo also provides one with a ray of hope with the evidence of new green plant tissue pushing up from the soil line.

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