Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mid to late April plantings are just fine provided soils are suitably fit for planting.
The unfortunate part is that there may be areas in large 60-70 acre fields that are not fit.
When you proceed to plant these areas anyway you run the risk of creating subtle compactive zones in the soil profile.Sidewall smearing can become a real issue in restricting early season root development as well as lower seedtrench compaction which will restrict a young seedlings roots from penetrating to lower soil depths.
The result is a lack of even crop development.Certain tight areas may exhibit yellow due to slow N nitification or slower seedling root development.Other even tighter areas may exhibit N denitrification due to cooler and pastier soil conditions.These tighter soil condition areas will also be slower to drain when any rainfall event occurs.You must be cognizant of the fact that the roots of young corn seedlings will not grow into cool,moist pasty soil conditions.They will produce as many lateral roots as they can until soils dry enough that they can grow deeper.The unfortunate part of this is that any soil restrictions impeding lateral root development will stall out a young corn crop hurting its yield potential.

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