Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To optimize corns yield performance sidedressing should always be completed by the 6 true leaf stage.
The above grower is cutting it pretty close.There is always a short lag time between the application of sidedress N and the uptake by plants.
By the time corn reaches 6 true leaves growth is becoming much more accelerated and Nitrogen usage per day is reaching 3+ lbs.It is important that the crop is on full feed by this time.

Not only is corns N use requirement growing but the cell division of ovules determining kernel row set occurs within a week to 10 days of corn reaching 6 true leaves.Better kernel row set is initiated when corn has all the N requirement it needs at this time.

Another good reason for making certain that sidedressing is completed by the 6 true leaf is to avoid root pruning and the increased loss of headland plant stand that can occur with late sidedressing.When sidedressing starts at the 3 true leaf stage it provides a good safety measure in assuring that all your corn will be sidedressed by 6 true leaves and on full feed to optimize yield performance.

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  1. Great blog report Morris here on sidedressing...but how about sidedressing at later growth stages with a high clearance N tool bar? These devices are really picking up in popularity in the US...due to seeing positive yield results.