Friday, July 2, 2010

If your soybeans start to express a lightened up yellow colour in areas of fields that have GOOD DRAINAGE and friable soil structure you may want to start doing some probing in the root zone.
Fields that start looking yellow this time of year in areas of fields that you wouldn't expect to see off colouring may be giving you the hint that cysts are already active.
Cysts siphon off nutrients making the plants roots and nodules less functional.As a result you will often see areas of fields begin to lighten up in colour and show more of a yellow
cast much like the above photographs depict.SAMPLING YOUR SOIL and sending it off to a lab is the surest fired means of determining whether you hve cysts or not.Many a field gets overlooked every year and its unfortunate that more growers don't take the hint to test when they see this.

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