Sunday, July 4, 2010

Growers continue to struggle with knowing just how much N is being made available to their crops from the fall and spring manure applications that they've made.Well the above piece of equipment is meant to help resolve some of those concerns.By passing through the crop at V8-V11 light sensitive chlorophyl meters can help detect the plants N status
Light sensitive meters read the chlorophyl content of the crop on the go across the field.Low chlorophyl readings will cause an increase to the application rate of 28% that is injected between the rows.On the other hand if chorophyl readings are satisfactory no additional N will be applied.

Ideally a grower needs to incorporate a few higher N rate check strips across his farm as a comparison to his standard manure applications.With repeat chorophyl meter
readings a higher degree of confidence can be generated with the manure N levels that are being achieved to support the crops growth.This can in the long run lead to better N management and better soil water quality conservation..

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