Wednesday, August 19, 2009

These shots taken in the Tilbury,Ontario area on Tuesday Aug 18 show clearly that Aphid populations are building in this area.
Spray applications are warranted when aphid numbers per plant begin exceeding 250 on several examined plants in 5 to 10 locations of a field.If soybeans are under no stress with ample soil moisture one can hold off spraying until 400-450 aphid counts per plant are being reached.Given the week to 10 day later start to flowering this year spray applications may be warranted up until Aug 25th.Expected yield advantages to spraying could still reach between 4-5 bu per acre if aphid numbers are past threshold.
This shot is of an aphid lion the larval stage of a lady bug
The one good thing about this field was that beneficial predators appeared to be both high and growing in number.This is the very reason that field scouting is required.You need a benchmark to determine if aphid numbers are staying constant,on the decline or are on the incline.Beneficial predators can do you an awful lot of good.

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