Sunday, September 6, 2009

Many growers across Southwestern Ontario were busy this past week harvesting their third cut of alflafa before the Critical Fall Harvest Period.The above and below photos were taken northwest of Woodstock.Pioneer has a full compliment of Alfalfa varieties to meet the needs of different producers.Pioneer brand 54V46 is a fast growing alfalfa meant to be intensively managed.With its fast regrowth characteristics 54V46 can deliver dairy producers a good 3-4 cuts per year depending on how its managed.All Pioneer alfalfa varieties offer excellent disease resistance to bacterial wilt,phytopthora root rot,fusarium wilt,anthracnose and verticillium wilt.Perhaps what sets Pioneer alflafas apart more than than anything else is the stand persistency and superior forage yields they deliver in the 3rd and 4th year of the life of their stands.
Pioneer brand 54V48 is a new intensively managed variety that offers improved yield performance and excellent winter hardiness.When harvsted on a 4-5 week cutting schedule it can meet the rigorous demands of the intensive managing dairy producer looking for either 3 or 4 cuts per year.
Pioneer brand 53Q30 is a solid dependable performing variety for growers who may not have the preference for an intensive managed 4 cut system but want a good high yielding variety for alfalfa silage or baled hay in a 2 or possibly 3 cut program.The slower growing maturation characteristics of 53Q30 gives growers the opportunity to have a slightly longer harvest window for achieving higher Relative Feed Values (RFV) when baling hay or putting up silage.The earlier fall dormancy characteristics of Pioneer brand 53Q30 helps give it a solid winterhardiness score.
Pioneer brand 53H92 is a leaf hopper resistant variety.For producers wanting protection from leafhopper on a portion of their acres 53H92 is an excellent choice.
In years when leafhopper pressure is a concern 53H92 will deliver superior yields of excellent quality forage.

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