Monday, September 14, 2009

You'll need to double click on the above photo to observe the small cysts growing on the roots of this soybean plant.I've highlighted in red a few for you.Roam around using your scroll bars to see just how many more you can find.There are many more present.The unfortunate part for this grower as well as hundreds of other growers in Southern Ontario is that there is often no above ground symptomology indicating that cysts are present. These plants roots came from a field near Wallaceburg Ontario that gave absolutely NO ABOVE GROUND SYMTOMOLOGY that cysts were attacking the plants roots. Yields reductions with cyst pressures like that shown will often run in the 5 -8 bu/acre range. This is way too much yield to be sacrificing to cysts.Growers need to be testing their soils for cysts and making the appropriate crop rotation and varietal selections to help counteract this huge yield robbing disease.Your sales rep can help you out in this regard by submitting samples for you to a accredited cyst testing diagnostic lab.

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