Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NEW PIONEER NOMENCLATURE AND NEW HYBRIDS FOR 2010.The first two digits of the new Pioneer numbering system stand for the hybrids maturity.In the instance above the first two digits are 01.This indicates that this is a 101 CRM hybrid.The last two digits 25 are designated breeder numbers.The H stands for Herculex1 meaning the hybrid carries( Corn borer resistance ) and the R stands for Round-up Ready meaning it is a ( glyphosate resistant )

P0125HR - HX1/LL/RR2

Rated at 3050 HU
An exciting New Hybrid that delivered Fabulous yields in 2008
Should eventually replace 37F75 ( Flowers earlier than 37F75 100 CRM to silk vs
103 for 37F75 )
Should produce drier corn than 37F75
Offers Excellent Stress Emergence ( 7 ) and drought tolerance ( 7 )
A tall hybrid for its maturity with high ear placement
Brings both above average stalks and roots
Initial yield data would suggest similar performance in both high and low yield
Need to confirm its Gib Score of 5
An excellent dual purpose hybrid for both grain and silage
Characterized by growthy upright reaching leaves
Brings an attractive deep dark green field appearance

Tall plant height and high ear placement may be a deterrent for some growers
despite its high yield capability
Can express purplish florescence in cool slow growing springs

This NEW hybrid is rated at 99 CRM for maturity.The X stands for Herculex Xtra meaning the hybrid is both corn borer resistant as well as rootworm resistant.The R stands for Round-up Ready meaning it is a glyphosate resistant hybrid.So P9990XR is a 99 day Triple Stack Hybrid.

P9990XR - HXX/LL/RR2

• A New triple stacked 99 CRM hybrid rated at 2950 CHU
• Flowers early for its maturity ( 95 vs 99) and much earlier than 37Y14 ( 95 CRM vs 101 CRM )

• This should help it move north better
• Advanced as a potential replacement for 37Y14
• Research data supports an approx 3 % yield improvement yield over 37Y14
• Good companion for 37V63
• Limited husk cover ( 3 )
• Great roots ( 8) Above average drought tolerance score

37Y14 - HXX/LL/RR2

A popular Triple stack hybrid with excellent plant health and drought tolerance
Rated at 2950 HU for maturity


A new 2950 HU Triple Stack Hybrid for Continuous Corn Growers
Offers excellent stress emergence and very good early growth
Very plant population responsive hybrid. On highly productive soils of 150+ bu/acre land should be dropped at 35,000 seeds per acre.Check out the Pioneer Optimum Economic Planting Rate Calculator on Pioneer Growing Point

Very good drought tolerance.
Key strength is its above average tolerance for Gibberella ear rot
Research data would support it outyielding 37Y14 by 3% with slightly drier harvest
38M58 - HX/LL/RR2

A solid dependable performing double stacked hybrid with great yield potential for its maturity.
Rated at 2800 HU
A short tight shanked hybrid that hides its yield
Produces long deep kernels of beautiful high test weight quality grain
Exceptional Gib Ear Mould Tolerance ( 7 Score ) Perhaps one of the cleanest lowest vomitoxin producing hybrids that has ever been marketed
Excellent drought tolerance
Offers above average stress emergence


Growers will often overlook the 38M58 family because of its small ear size.Its tremendous high yield performance is a function of its high shelling percentage - something very common with most Pioneer hybrids.

38M58 is a very population responsive hybrid family.Many growers could increase their yield performance with this set of genetics by increasing their plant populations on consistent producing 150+ bu/acre land to 35,000 seed drop.

P9512XR – HXX/LL/RR2

A NEW EXCITING Triple Stack 2850 HU hybrid for continuous corn
Advanced as a potential replacement for 38M60
Research Data would support it outyielding 38M60 by 5+ bu/acre
Early to flower for its maturity ( 92 CRM vs overall 95 CRM maturity )
Offers Good stress emergence and above average drought tolerance
Limited husk cover ( 3 )

Slightly Below average root score

38N88 - HX1/LL/RR2

Rated at 2700 CHU
Showy hybrid for its maturity
Produces consistent dependable yields – A yield leader
Above avg roots and stalks
Good TW and good gib ear mould tolerance
Very upright leafed architecture
Early flowering hybrid for its maturity ( 89 CRM to silk vs 92 overall CRM )
Deep kerneled hybrid
Very plant population responsive hybrid.Check out the Pioneer Optimum Economic Planting Rate Calculator on Pioneer Growing Point

38H08 - Rated at 2750 HU
Big yielding hybrid for its maturity
Very good stress emergence and Very good drought tolerance

Tall hybrid with fast drydown
Stalk strength is average
KEEP POPULATION DOWN for grain ( Max 30,000 drop )
PHD hybrid for silage



Definitely wants to be kept in zone

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