Saturday, June 20, 2009

Whats very evident in the above photo is the competitive nature of the heavy weed infestation on this crops performance.Part of the reason growers have been encouraged to keep weeds out of the corn crop between the CRITICAL 3 and 8 leaf stage is that weeds can tie up a lot of Nitogen making it unavailable to the corn crop.Thats exactly what this photo depicts.Research would suggest that a dense canopy of 2 inch tall weeds will tie up 20lbs on N and 4 inch tall weeds will tie up as much as 40 lbs of N.The grower in this case called his rep claiming that the Glyphosate he sprayed was turning his corn crop yellow and that it was dieing.THAT MY FRIENDS WAS ONE BIG INACCURATE DIAGNOSIS BUT IT SHOWS HOW A CUSTOMERS MIND CAN WORK and IT SHOWS HOW A GROWER CAN GET DOWN ON YOUR PRODUCT FOR REASONS OTHER THAN THE PRODUCT ITSELF. ( Compliments goes to Tom Tyhurst of Better Fields Inc. for sending me this shot )

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